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Not all people can rely on dental checkups every six months. In fact, some people should pay a visit to their Burlington Dentist four times a year or more. Diabetics, who are especially prone to gum disease, should schedule regular dental visits according to their Burlington dentist’s recommendations. Why Bi-Annual Dental Checkups May Not Be Enough Research dental checkups on the internet and most recommendations are twice yearly checkups. According to Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental, every patient is different. There is no one size fits all solution for dental care. That means what is right for your best friend, may not be right for you. Signs That You Should See Your Dentist in Burlington How often you see Dr. Morris depends on your oral health. If you are less than diligent with oral hygiene, you should probably schedule professional cleanings more often

What you put in your mouth plays a huge role in the health of your smile. According to your dentist in Burlington, Dr. Mike Morris, some foods, even so called healthy foods, should be eliminated from your diet because they can cause problems for your teeth. Starchy Foods Cause Problems for Healthy Teeth Anything that contains starch will get stuck between your teeth and stay on the crevices at the back of your teeth. Consequently, starchy foods are not good for healthy teeth, and will break down into sugar when consumed. Bread, potato chips, pretzels, and even pasta will stick to your teeth. If you must indulge rinse after you enjoy, or brush your teeth. Healthy Teeth Don’t Need Citrus Fruits and Juices Who doesn’t love a big juicy orange or grapefruit? Unfortunately, too much citrus will cause problems for your teeth. Frequent exposure to

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