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Tooth whitening still remains at the top of the list when it comes to popular cosmetic dental procedures, however, as Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental explains, there is a difference between professional tooth whitening and those over the counter tooth whitening products. Over the Counter Tooth Whitening Although strips, gels, pastes, rinses, and trays are readily available from your local pharmacy, they are not as strong as professional products. Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in both types of whitening, having a higher percentage in professional whitening products. Another thing to consider is safety. Because strips and other over the counter products are not as strong, people have a tendency to overdo it. Doing so could result in chalky or transparent looking teeth. Permanent enamel damage and sensitivity can also occur from too much tooth whitening. Professional Tooth Whitening for the Best Results According

Porcelain veneers are the preferred cosmetic dental procedure when it comes to a beautiful smile. What are Porcelain Veneers? Manufactured from dental grade porcelain and matched to your natural smile, porcelain veneers don’t require as much tooth removal as cosmetic dental crowns, but won’t be as sturdy either. If you are less than kind to your teeth, talk to your Burlington Dentist about cosmetic dental crowns. If your dentist in Burlington believes you are a good fit for veneers, a mold or impression will be made both before and after tooth removal. Because your veneer needs to look natural, Dr. Mike Morris will remove a portion of your enamel for a perfect fit. Unsightly teeth require temporary veneers. During your second appointment Dr. Morris checks your new veneer. This is done for fit and color. Once satisfied with the overall result your veneer or

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