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You are what you eat, especially when it comes to your teeth. According to Chittenden Dental, watching what goes in your mouth is just as important for oral health as it is for your overall health. Your Burlington dentist, Dr. Mike Morris, explains that even seemingly healthy foods may not be so good for your teeth and gums. Below are a few foods and beverages to avoid or enjoy in moderation.Sports and Energy DrinksYou may love to grab a cold energy or sports drink after a workout, but according to your dentist in Burlington, water is a better bet. Energy and sports drinks are a double edge sword as they are carbonated, and loaded with sugar. Carbonated drinks will also erode the enamel on your teeth.Breads and Other Starchy FoodsEveryone knows that bread isn’t the best thing for your waistline. Neither

Keeping your teeth healthy is imperative regardless of your age, but especially during your senior years. Sadly, some middle aged and elderly people aren’t as diligent about oral health and dental checkups as they should be. In fact, older people who lose their teeth do so because of poor oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene leads to periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss. Regular Dental CheckupsDr. Mike Morris and his team of dental hygienists recommend twice-yearly dental checkups along with twice-yearly professional cleanings. This keeps tooth decay and gum disease at bay. If a cavity is allowed to grow, it could mean a root canal in the future. Having regular dental checkups, helps prevent problems from getting worse. Comprehensive Dental Checkups Can Detect CancerMost people have no idea that Chittenden Dental can identify another health issue just by checking out your mouth. If

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