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Spring is almost here and that means entire families will be spending more time in the great outdoors. From barbeques and picnics to indoor and outdoor sports, it’s important to be ready, especially when it comes to protecting teeth and gums with custom made mouthguards. Next month is National Mouth Protection Month with organizations such as the American Dental Association promoting this annual event to heighten awareness. Millions of mouth injuries, including knocked out teeth, are easily avoided if proper care is taken on the playing field. Mouthguards for All Sports According to Dr. Mike Morris, everyone who participates in active sports should wear a mouthguard. Racquetball players, skateboarders, and even surfers have saved themselves thousands of hours in the dentist’s chair because they wore a custom-made mouth protector. Why Mouthguards Work Because mouthguards protect players from blows to the head and other mouth injuries,

Chittenden Dental is dedicated to restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Burlington. Furthermore, this dedicated doctor is always continuing his education. Both he and the team pride themselves on offering the best restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions for chipped, cracked, stained, and missing teeth. Restorative Dentistry to Get Things Working Again Restorative dentistry in Burlington restores teeth and gums back to health. For example, if you have a large cavity, the team from Chittenden Dental will probably recommend a filling and a crown so that the large cavity and filling is protected. As a result, the tooth has a better chance of surviving because of the extra protection. If you have old chipped and cracked fillings, your dentist will want to restore the tooth back to normal function. That may mean replacing the filling, capping it with a crown, or in some cases removing the

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