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If you have always wanted straighter teeth but didn’t want to deal with wires and brackets call and schedule an Invisalign® appointment with Chittenden Dental.  As a licensed provider Dr. Mike Morris understands the chewing system and will be able to tell if you and removable aligners for straightening teeth are a good idea. In addition he will know it clear removable braces are good for you. Burlington Invisalign® dentist Invisalign® is the oldest and best system for straightening teeth. While it isn’t the greatest fit for everyone, people with mild to moderate tipped and tilted teeth see amazing results with this teeth straightening system in Burlington. Moreover the results are spectacular. So spectacular that you will be glad that you avoided online braces. What is it? Invisalign® is a remarkable tooth straightening system that uses clear plastic aligners to gradually straighten teeth. Moreover, the system

If you haven’t been to a bioesthetic dentist you may want to consider making an appointment to see one. A bioesthetic dentist examines your teeth and gums but takes things one step further. That one step further is a complete checkup of your entire chewing system. You see, if anything it out of alignment it will affect the way your teeth come together, your other teeth and your dental restorations. Why Your Chewing System Matters Dr. Mike Morris explains that the chewing system rules. In other words the way you chew, the under, over or cross bite you deal with or the problems you have been having with your temporomandibular joint can have dramatic effects on the way you chew and talk. According to Chittenden Dental if you have a bad bite or suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder your teeth and gums and the rest

For the best bioesthetic dentistry you must schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Morris and his team from Chittenden Dental. This dentist’s office in Burlington is dedicated to more than teeth and gums examining your oral cavity for any signs of bite or jaw problems. Dr. Morris and his team go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that you and every member of your household is taken care of when it comes to oral health. Oral health also means your chewing system. Bioesthetic Dentistry in Burlington If you follow this dental blog you will recall that bioesthetic dentistry is a study of the entire chewing cavity. This type of dentistry, helps people overcome bite problems and issues with the temporomandibular joint. In addition if something is amiss with your chewing system Dr. Morris will be aware of it coming up with a

When it comes to bioesthetic dentistry Chittenden Dental is the only dental practice in Burlington to consider. Bioesthetic dentistry is more than an examination of your teeth and gums and takes into account your chewing system. A bio-esthetic dentist understands the relationship between the chewing system and your teeth and gums. In other words the way your jaws come together will affect the wear on your teeth and gums. Bio-esthetic Dentist to the Rescue Chittenden Dental explains that restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures could be problematic for those with temporomandibular joint disorder and anyone with a cross, over or under bite. If you have always wondered why your porcelain veneers never last as long as they should it probably has something to do with your TMJ or bite. Your Chewing System and TMJ In a perfect world your teeth would come together and your jaw joints

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