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Dental Orthotic Therapy

At Chittenden Dental we care about your overall health and we want to help you feel as good as possible.We do this by approaching your treatment with a more comprehensive mentality, starting with your jaw joints first.
When your bite is built from a stable jaw joint position, it allows your airway, muscles and teeth, to all function normally. This leads to optimal long term health and improved quality of life. We accomplish by using dental orthotic as first line treatment.

What is Dental Orthotic Therapy?

At Chittenden Dental we use a specialized dental orthotic called a MAGO

MAGO is an acronym.

Maxillary (upper jaw)
Anterior (front teeth)
Guided (to guide)
Orthotic (orthpedic stabilizing appliance)

The MAGO is a dental orthotic, custom designed to allow your jaw joints to function in the optimal way: providing orthopedic stability for your head and neck, through your teeth.

MAGO treatment is a non-invasive therapeutic process used to facilitate a diagnosis of your entire chewing system.

For this therapy to be effective, your MAGO must be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including when eating. A series of appointments are involved to adjust the MAGO allowing the jaw joints to ‘go home’ return to its physiologic position. Because each person is unique, the course of therapy can be 3 months or more.

After you have been diagnosed with a MAGO we can help offer you stable, long term and definative treatment that can improve your health and esthetics.


MAGO therapy is both treatment and diagnosis: once the jaw joint has been stabilized, a final diagnosis and treatment options can be discussed. Close monitoring during therapy is essential to the success of achieving orthopedic stability for your head and neck, through your teeth and into your jaw joints.

MAGO wear is not intended for unsupervised long term 24-hour wear. If definitive treatment is not possible for you at this time, the MAGO can be used part time during sleep to protect your chewing system.


Care of your MAGO: You will be given an appliance brush for cleaning your orthotic. Do not touch your teeth together when cleaning your MAGO or while brushing your teeth. You may choose to do a weekly soak in a denture cleaner to keep it fresh and stain free. We will also clean it for you when you come in for your adjustments. Please avoid any non-dental cleaners and do not put into the dishwasher. You will be given a case for storage when not wearing it.

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