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Patient Testimonials

Whether it is a simple tooth replacement, or a total smile makeover, our patients get the best treatment available. Check out what they think below.

Sweetest staff who talked me through every part of my visit and taught me so much about my dental health, preventative health, and so much more. I’m not a big fan of the dentist, like many, but this team made me feel no judgment for asking questions and wanting to learn more!

Alexa C


I had my first appointment in years with Chittenden Dental today. I have a phobia of dentists and everyone was so kind and patient while working with me. I never felt shamed or scared while I was there. I feel confident in the plan we have made going forward. If you have struggled to get to the dentist (or are just looking for a new dentist) this is a great place to go. 

Jenn C


Very friendly dentist and hygienist. Modern equipment and up-to-date procedures. I highly recommend Chittenden Dental.

Richard M


The team at Chittenden Dental was amazing and they were refreshingly concerned with things most other dental practices completely ignore. 10/10 recommend!



If you are looking for a dentist in the greater Burlington area then look no further than Dr. Mike and his staff at Chittenden Dental! I've had many dentists over my 50+ years across 4 states and the team at Chittenden provides the best care I have experienced. Dr. Mike and his team truly care about their patient's comfort and ease. They explain everything as they go and Dr. Mike even follows up after a procedure with a personal call to see how you feel! The receptionist and scheduling is friendly and accommodating and what I appreciate most is the 1-week ahead text reminder of an upcoming appointment! Dr. Mike is also rare in the fact he sent me for a second opinion to be sure he was on the right track for a challenging procedure that I faced. Even if you are outside of the Burlington area, it's worth the trip to Chittenden for their expertise and care! Bonus: Dr. Mike subscribes to Spotify and you get to choose your own background music while there!

John J

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