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Healthy teeth and gums keep you free from tooth decay and gingivitis. However, according to your dentist in Burlington, healthy teeth and gums can also prevent other health issues.   Is there a Link between Overall Health and Oral Health? Studies indicate that tooth decay and gum disease can put you in the high-risk category for preterm labor, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. Chittenden Dental can’t stress the importance of healthy teeth and gums. Your Mouth Reveals More Than You Know Your mouth speaks volumes about your entire body. All your doctor has to do is take a swab to determine what is happening inside of your body. Like a window, your mouth reveals what is happening in your body. Dental Plaque and Healthy Teeth and Gums Although your saliva will protect you and your mouth against invasion, it doesn’t always do a thorough job. Over 500

Your dentist in Burlington, Dr. Mike Morris, loves his community. With picturesque hiking trails, restaurants, shops, cultural attractions, and of course the arts, Burlington has so much to offer. Your dentist in Burlington wants to see what you have to share! We would love you to share your Burlington Adventures with us, and don’t forget to tag Chittenden Dental on social media. Below are some adventures in Burlington that shouldn’t be missed. Snowshoeing Your dentist in Burlington loves the snowshoe trails that you’ll discover throughout Vermont. Some of the best snowshoeing on the planet can be found in Vermont. If you have never tried snowshoeing this winter could be the perfect time. Your Dentist in Burlington Loves the Flynn Theater If you love live performances like your dentist in Burlington does, head over to the Flynn Theater. Dr. Morris can’t stop talking about the Nutcracker and

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