Bioesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Mike Morris and our dental team are committed to offering you and your family the best dental care. That’s why we provide bioesthetic dentistry.


What is Bioesthetic Dentistry?

Bioesthetic dentistry looks at your entire chewing system. We’ll provide a comprehensive evaluation of every part of your face and mouth involved in chewing. This includes your teeth, bones, jaw joints, muscles, bite, lips, mouth, tongue, and nerves. All these parts work together to make chewing comfortable and easy. A well-aligned and healthy chewing system will help you maintain your lovely smile. However, if any one of these parts is out of balance, you may have difficulty chewing. You could also experience uneven tooth wear and pain.

What Concerns Can Bioesthetic Dentistry Correct?

Dr. Mike Morris offers bioesthetic dentistry to correct issues like:

Difficulty chewing

Pain in the jaw or pain when chewing or talking

Jaw clenching during the night

A clicking or popping in your jaw when you eat

A recent change in your bite

Clenching or grinding your teeth

Pain in your face muscles or neck

Worn down teeth from grinding or uneven chewing

Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth

Receding gums

Ear pain

Tension headaches

Have you been spending a lot of time in the dentist’s chair trying to treat these issues? There may be a problem in your chewing system that goes beyond your teeth.

Looking for The Cause, Not the Symptoms

Many treatment approaches focus on the symptoms you’re experiencing. They might give you exercises for your back, or tips to reduce headache pain. Bioesthetic dentistry looks for the cause. Rather than treating the symptoms by treating one tooth at a time, bioesthetic dentistry considers the whole system and how it works together. Dr. Mike Morris will diagnose the cause of your tooth wear and your jaw pain. By looking at the entire chewing system, we can make a comprehensive treatment plan. We’ll look at how your teeth are positioned and how they fit together. We will also look at the functioning of your jaw joints and muscles. This lets us diagnose the cause of your chewing system imbalance.

Treatment Options

Once we know the cause of your symptoms, we can make a treatment plan to restore your smile. Bioesthetic dentistry can beautify your smile and correct the functional issues that have caused your symptoms. We will make sure your teeth are in their optimal locations, so the teeth stop causing stress to other parts of the chewing system. Treatment focuses on restoring your chewing system so that your jaw, mouth, and teeth all work in harmony. Bioesthetic dentistry can stop the cycle of progressive tooth decline by fixing the whole system and making sure the jaw, muscles, and teeth all work together.

Learn More About Bioesthetic Dentistry

Ready to treat the whole system instead of just fixing the issues? Dr. Mike Morris at Chittenden Dental provides bioesthetic dentistry in Burlington. If you have difficulty chewing, worn down teeth, or muscle pain, find out more about bioesthetic dentistry.

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