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If you haven’t seen your dentist for some time and are dealing with a problem known as bruxism, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Morris. Firstly, Dr. Morris from Chittenden Dental is a bioesthetic dentist. Secondly, he has the skills to get to the root of your tooth clenching and grinding. What is Bruxism? The Mayo Clinic explains that Bruxism is a condition that causes a person to clench and grind their teeth. In addition, this can happen while sleeping or unconsciously while you are awake. While mild bruxism may not need to be treated, it can lead to other problems that include damaged teeth, headaches and jaw disorders. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of temporomandibular joint disorder. Symptoms Include: Teeth Clenching, Grinding or Both Flat Teeth Chipped Teeth Lose Teeth Worn Tooth Enamel Jaw, Face and Neck Pain

Taking care of your family starts with overall and oral health and thanks to Chittenden Dental, your entire family, from your toddler to your teen and your great grandpa, can have healthy and beautiful teeth and gums. Burlington Bioesthetic Dentistry Dr. Mike Morris is a bioesthetic dentist who believes in treating the whole person. That means he and his team examine the way your teeth fit together, your bite and everything else that has anything to do with your chewing system. Even one tooth out of alignment can upset mouth structure. For example, if your TMJ is out of whack you could suffer from clenching and grinding. Clenching can lead to TMJD while grinding can wear down teeth. As a bioesthetic dentist in Burlington, Dr. Morris understands the chemistry of the mouth, neck and oral cavity. He also knows how uncomfortable it can be

Everything in your body is connected. What that means is that everything must be in synch and in balance for overall and oral health. Balance is the key for teeth and gums as well. Dr. Mike Morris is dedicated to bioesthetic dentistry and stresses the importance of the entire system when it comes to smile longevity and function. The Key to Bioesthetic Dentistry Regardless of your age, if your chewing system is healthy your teeth and gums will be as well. Your chewing system was designed to protect and keep you safe from potential harm and when it does its job will not give you any problems. On the other hand, if something should damage your chewing system, such as a blow to the head, the functionality of your teeth and gums will begin to change. If left untreated some patients end up with

Bioesthetic dentistry is the modern way to treat people. By considering everything there is, such as the skeletal and muscular system, your dentist in Burlington is in a better position to treat your teeth and gums. For example, if your jaw is out of alignment, it could have something to do with your bite or your temporomandibular joint. Bioesthetic Dentistry in Burlington Dr. Mike Morris practices bioesthetic dentistry. His dental practice prides itself on giving you and your family the best care starting with the basics. The modern approach to dentistry starts with an entire examination of your neck, head, moth and even your sinuses. By examining your whole system, your Burlington dentist can see how your jaw moves and how you speak and chew. He and his team can also see how your teeth and jaw joints come together. When x-rays, digital pictures and

Chittenden Dental cares about your overall oral health using Bioesthetic dentistry in Burlington. Your teeth and gums are more than what you eat and drink and that is where Bioesthetic dentistry comes in. Furthermore, without proper care, you may not have them for life. Of course, you will still have your gums, but those teeth will probably need to extracted if they haven't already fallen out. Bioesthetic Dentistry to the Rescue This type of specialized dentistry looks at your whole chewing system during a dental examination in Burlington. In addition, your jaw joints are examined to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do. Dr. Mike Morris and his team have always prided themselves on the best dental care for you and your family. This is why Chittenden Dental is committed to offering Bioesthetic dentistry in Burlington. If You Have any of the

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