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A smile a Day, well, you know the rest. According to Chittenden Dental in Burlington a happy face does wonders for oral and overall health and says everything about you. When you pull up the corners of your mouth you are boosting those feel good receptors in your brain. Called endorphins they get a boost when you grin. However, those aren’t the only reasons to put on a smiley face every chance you get. Below are some additional reasons to sport a grin: Smiling Helps You Stay Upbeat and Positive Smiling keeps that glass half full attitude that can sometimes be difficult to maintain. When you grin you are sending yourself a message. Smiling makes you more confident as well. This helps reduce stress and depression. It also helps you worry less. A Smile Improves Your Mood The next time you feel a little down lift up

Having a family dentist that you can depend on is vital whether you are a single person or the mother of five children. It doesn’t matter where you sit in the scheme of things as long as you have a trusting bioesthetic family dentist in Burlington. Bioesthetic Family Dentist Dr. Mike Morris is a bioesthetic family dentist that provides care for toddlers, teens, seniors and everything in-between. Every person in your household or those that you take care of is in the best hands in this bioesthetic dental practice in Burlington. If you like to read this dental blog you will recall that bioesthetic dentistry is something that takes everything into account. Bioesthetic dentistry is more than teeth and gums. This type of family dentistry examines the entire chewing system. Your Chewing System Your chewing system is vital and needs to work in conjunction with your teeth

Your Burlington bioesthetic dentistry practice offers the best restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures available, but that’s not all. Because Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dentistry understands that everything is connected he offers bioesthetic dentistry to patients and potential ones. This is extremely important if you are planning an extensive cosmetic dentistry procedure. Procedures such as dental implants and other types of dental treatments in Burlington need a plan. Your Chewing System If you follow this blog you will recall that everything is connected when it comes to your teeth and gums. In fact, if you have constant neck aches or jaw aches it could have something to do with the way your teeth fit together. It could also have something to do with your bite. Dr. Morris is trained and experienced to identify any problems that you might be having in addition to gum disease and

If you have been on the fence about cosmetic dentistry call or send a text and schedule an appointment with a bioesthetic dentist in Burlington. Chittenden Dental will look at your teeth and gums, but that’s not all. Your Burlington cosmetic dentist will also check out your chewing system to determine the best plan moving forward. Bioesthetic Dentistry in Burlington As a bioesthetic dentist Dr. Morris has been trained to look at your teeth and gums and your chewing system. This helps determine what types of dentistry would be best for you. For example, if you have a problem with your bite, your Burlington dentist will solve that before moving forward with restorative or cosmetic dentistry. He does this because teeth affect other teeth. If your jaw is in bad position, or if you have a cross or under bite Dr. Morris will examine before

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