A Good Cosmetic Dentist Just Gets It

If your smile isn’t what it used to be: schedule an appointment with a well trained cosmetic dentist. A knowledgeable cosmetic dentist who examines your teeth, gums and your entire chewing system will give you your grin back!

In addition, a bioesthetic dentist in Burlington will make sure you don’t have to deal with problems that you may have been dealing with for years. These issues can include clenching and/or grinding, snoring, TMJ pain or tension, headaches, neck or upper back/shoulder pain and more.

A Bioesthetic Cosmetic Dentist

If you follow the Chittenden Dental Blog you will know how important your chewing system, in addition to your teeth and gums, is to your overall health.

Without a balanced system your teeth, gums, spine and joints will pay the price. Dr. Mike Morris explains that bioesthetic dentistry is the best thing regardless of what your smile is going through because it aims to restore health and your teeth to how they were prior to their breakdown.

By examining the entire chewing system, including your bite, jaw joints, airway, muscles and more: you and your Burlington cosmetic dentist can discover what the root cause of your tooth grinding, or chronic bruxism is and what can be done to get it back to balance and health.

A Cosmetic Dentist and His Options

While there are plenty of cosmetic dentistry options available, none will do you any good without a thorough examination. Porcelain veneers will wear or break faster as will crowns or dental bonding

If you are one of those people who have replaced restorations sooner rather than later, it definitely has something to do with orthopedic instability in your jaw/bite relationship and your airway.

Your Burlington cosmetic dentist explains that most doctors aren’t taking everything in consideration when planning a smile. This is because they are not trained on complete diagnosis of your entire chewing system.

Bioesthetic dentistry takes everything into account, for an accurate diagnosis so that you and your Burlington cosmetic dentist can come up with a treatment plan that makes sense biologically and mechanically.

By using orthotic therapy to first stabilize your jaw joints, your Burlington cosmetic dentist plans your smile from a stable jaw joint position, so you won’t have to worry about your dental restorations failing ever again.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Once you and Dr. Morris have a solid plan for your new smile: the fun begins! Depending on what type of cosmetic dentistry procedures are best for you, it may only require a couple of restorative appointments.  Dr. Mike Morris knows that its always more efficient to do treatment once, and to do it properly as this is less costly and time consuming than replacing restorations due to premature failure.

Some of the procedures may include professional teeth whitening, dental implants, or enamel re-shaping. Dr. Morris may also recommend dental bonding, veneers or crowns. It really depends on your specific situation, which is why proper and complete diagnosis is essential.

A Burlington Cosmetic Dentist

If you would like to learn more about bioesthetic dentistry schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist in Burlington today.




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