A New Smile with Bioesthetic Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have been promising yourself a new smile for decades it is time to schedule an appointment for bioesthetic cosmetic dentistry.

Chipped, cracked and stained teeth will always be stained cracked and chipped unless you visit Chittenden Dental in Burlington.

Dr. Mike Morris understands how teeth and gums and the chewing system work together. This makes him the most important person when it comes to healthy teeth and gums and bioesthetic cosmetic dentistry.

Bioesthetic Cosmetic Dentistry

Because this type of dentistry examines more than teeth and gums you will always have a beautiful smile that will stand the test of time.

In other words you won’t have to worry about your bad bite or TMJ getting in the way of your new porcelain veneers.

Bioesthetic dentist Dr. Mike Morris explains that unhealthy bites and jaw joints cause serious issues for teeth and dental restorations.

Moreover, restoring teeth without fixing a problem with the chewing system means veneers and crowns won’t last as long as they should.

With bioesthetic cosmetic dentistry in Burlington you are assured a healthy and long lasting smile even if you have a mouth full of restorations.

This bioesthetic dentist would never place restorations without checking the chewing system first.

In addition he will always make repairs before proceeding with any type of restorative or cosmetic treatment. This is so important, especially if you are having a full mouth makeover.

No Restorations without a Healthy Chewing System

A thorough examination of the chewing system is as vital as a thorough examination of your teeth and gums.

This is what dictates how you bite and chew your food. If yours is out of alignment your teeth won’t wear as way they should. Your restorations won’t either.

A cosmetic dentist that doesn’t examine your jaw joints or your bite won’t do your restorations any favors.

Don’t be the least bit surprised if your veneers become loose in just a few months. This is because a bad bite puts pressure on teeth and restorations.

When your chewing system is in good health your teeth and gums will be as well. That means you and your smile makeover will have years of use.

A thorough bioesthetic cosmetic dentistry examination is what determines the next steps when it comes to your complete mouth makeover.

Bioesthetic Cosmetic Dentistry in Burlington

Want to learn more about bioesthetic cosmetic dentistry for your mouth makeover? Send a direct message and schedule an appointment or make a call and have a chat with a team member.

Your new smile is waiting, make the call today.



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