Bioesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry Hand in Hand

If you have been wondering why your dental restorations aren’t lasting as long as they should, talk to a bioesthetic dentist about bioesthetic dentistry in Burlington.

Chittenden Dental in Burlington has the answers if your porcelain veneers only gave you two years of good use before they got loose and finally fell off.

Bioesthetic Dentistry and Your Chewing System

Most people have no idea that how your teeth come together has repercussions when it comes to dental restorations.

For example, if you grind your teeth because your temporomandibular joint is out of alignment your crowns or veneers will pay the price. Teeth are extremely strong, as strong as your bones. However, your crowns and fillings are not.

While dental restorations are sturdy they cannot withstand constant tooth grinding. This means veneers; crowns and even implants will need to be replaced if your temporomandibular joint disorder isn’t taken care of.

In addition to your TMJ your bite could be giving you problems as well. Bioethetic dentist Dr. Mike Morris explains that over, crosses and under bites will cause problems for teeth. If you have crooked teeth the problems will only accelerate.

Help for Teeth with Bioesthetic Dentistry

Chittenden Dental examines your entire chewing system. This includes the way your teeth come together and a thorough checkup of your neck and the back of the throat. This is what every dentist should do but doesn’t always.

This means if you do have cosmetic dentistry and your bite is off your restorations will suffer the consequences.

Your Burlington bioesthetic dentist understands the correlation between a healthy chewing system, dental restorations and teeth and gums. This means no restoration placement will take place until your bite and jaw joints are healthy.

Not all cosmetic dentists in Burlington are willing to forego cosmetic treatments until jaw and bite problems are dealt with, but Dr. Morris is.

A Bioesthetic Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist who is also a bioesthetic dentist is like hitting the jackpot because you are getting a doctor who is willing to examine your entire chewing system, not just your teeth and gums.

Chittenden Dental gets to the root of the issue. This means after treatment you will be able to discuss cosmetic and restorative treatments that will work for you and your smile.

If you would like to learn more about bioesthetic dentistry and what it can do for you and your restorations call or send a direct message. Chittenden Dental will get to the bottom of your issues paving the way for your new healthy smile.

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