Bioesthetic Dentistry Resolving Jaw Clicking and Popping

Have you ever noticed a clicking or popping sensation in your jaw when you eat or open your mouth wide? Although seemingly harmless, Chittenden Dental explains that these sounds may signal an issue with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This is why bioesthetic dentistry is so important as well.

Your TMJ is the crucial connection between your jawbone and skull as it facilitates speaking, chewing, swallowing and even breathing.

Bioesthetic Dentistry Can Help

If these problems sound familiar it may be time to schedule an appointment  for bioesthetic dentistry in Burlington.

Focused on the delicate interaction of teeth, jaw, muscles, nerves and your airway; bioesthetic dentistry aims to create a balanced and healthy chewing system.

Dr. Mike Morris at Chittenden Dental is an expert at diagnosing the root cause of your jaw clicking or popping and will create a bioesthetic dentistry treatment strategy tailored just for you.

What Triggers Jaw Clicking or Popping?

There are numerous factors that can contribute to the occurrence of clicking or popping sounds in the jaw, common culprits include:

  • TMJ dysfunction: Resulting from misalignment or inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, triggered by teeth grinding, clenching, arthritis, or injury as well as strong correlation to sleep disturbed breathing.
  • Bite misalignment: Improper teeth alignment during biting can strain the temporomandibular joint, leading to clicking or popping, which is actually displacement of the disc of cartilage in your joint (like the discs in your spine).

Why Be Concerned about Jaw Clicking or Popping?

Dr. Morris emphasizes that while these sounds may appear insignificant, they can actually indicate underlying issues that might worsen without proper care. Neglected TMJ dysfunction can manifest as:

  • Jaw, face, and neck pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Earaches/tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Restricted jaw movement
  • Changes to your bite and facial esthetics

How Bioesthetic Dentistry Help?

When dealing with jaw clicking or popping, consulting a bioesthetic dentist in Burlington is beneficial.

Bioesthetic Dentistry Treatment options may encompass:

  • Dental orthotic: This appliance aids in jaw/bite realignment, alleviating TMJ stress and allows your disc(s) to heal.
  • Myofunctional therapy: Oral exercises enhance flexibility and range of motion.
  • Sleep apnea treatment: CPAP and other adjunctive treatments.
  • Restorative dentistry: For cases necessitating bite realignment, procedures like crowns, bridges, or implants may be recommended.

Don’t Overlook Jaw Clicking or Popping

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, scheduling an appointment with Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental is imperative as early diagnosis and intervention can prevent even more complications.

Dr. Morris and is team are committed to delivering comprehensive and empathetic care offering a wide variety of treatments to tackle TMJ dysfunction and other jaw-related concerns.

Reach out and schedule a consultation and get rid of that jaw popping and clicking once and for all.

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