Cosmetic Dentistry and CE with Chittenden Dental

Dr. Mike Morris is dedicated to cosmetic dentistry and does more than he is required to do by the Vermont State Dental Board.

So passionate about cosmetic dentistry and his career, your Burlington Dentist takes his continued education serious with over 150 hours of accredited CE to his name. Of course, that doesn’t include the hours of shadowing and working with mentors.

Your Burlington dentist also reads articles and journals while watching cosmetic dentistry videos on YouTube. While his wife may tease him constantly about his YouTube passion, those nerdy videos have helped him become the dedicated dentist in Burlington that he is.

What Separates Dr. Morris from the Rest

The Vermont State Dental Board only requires 30 hours of continued education for dental licensing every two years. If you follow Dr. Morris’ Blog, you will know that the American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty. However, if you have seen people with teeth that look like Chiclets, you can bet the cosmetic dentist who placed the porcelain veneers didn’t continue with veneer education. Placing porcelain veneers takes skill, which not all general dentists have.

As Dr. Mike says himself, “I truly enjoy this wonderful profession, our amazing patients and I’m so grateful to learn more so I can help more: I simply couldn’t imagine doing the minimum for licensing. Thank you to my team, my patients, and my incredible wife for support.” Mike Morris, DDS

A Burlington Dentist you can Trust

Dr. Morris is constantly striving to be the best dentist he can be. If new dental technology is being introduced, you can bet your cosmetic dentist in Burlington will be learning about it.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Life

Because cosmetic dentistry is an art and a science, it should be left to the professionals. If you have a general dentist who is less than comfortable providing you with cosmetic services, call and schedule a no obligation consultation. Dr. Morris is ready to give you the smile you deserve.

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