Cosmetic Dentistry Before the Holiday Parties

It’s true, the holidays are just around the corner, and that means lots of invitations to work and family parties. Having a beautiful smile boosts your mood and gets you into the holiday spirit, but what happens if you don’t like your grin?

According to your dentist in Burlington, there are several cosmetic dentistry treatments that will help you put on a grin that will wow the world.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The least expensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedure would have to be professional tooth whitening. Done in the office or with convenient custom made take home trays, professional teeth whitening is a great way to up your smile factor.

Keep in mind that if you have interior stains or teeth that have already been restored, professional teeth whitening will not work.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is another inexpensive procedure that takes place in a single dental appointment. Chittenden Dental has the experience and expertise to repair chips and cracks and fill small spaces between your teeth. Cosmetic dental bonding is also great if you have permanently stained teeth or teeth that are too short. Dr. Mike Morris often uses enamel shaping with bonding for a natural look.

Porcelain Veneers for a Beautiful Smile

While porcelain veneers are more expensive than professional tooth whitening and cosmetic dental bonding, they will last longer. Dental veneers, made of dental grade porcelain, are color matched to your smile and fit over the fronts of teeth. Because the veneers require a smooth and natural fit, a portion of the enamel is removed. This means porcelain veneers are permanent.

Dental Crowns and Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental crowns are less conservative than porcelain veneers as they fit like a crown over the entire tooth. This means more removal of the natural tooth. Cosmetic dental crowns, like dental veneers, are permanent. However, they are strong and can last a decade or more as long as you practice good oral hygiene including regular dental checkups with your Burlington dentist.

If you would like more information regarding cosmetic dentistry, call and schedule a dental checkup in Burlington with Chittenden Dental today.


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