Dental Checkups Before Things Get Worse

Your waistline may not be the only thing you have been neglecting over the past few months. Undoubtedly, your teeth and gums have probably been overlooked as well without regular dental checkups.

dental_checkups_BurlingtonCancelled and postponed dental appointments in Burlington cause a whole host of additional problems. If you suffer from dental anxiety, it’s a double-edged sword as you are only making things worse. Regular dental checkups are imperative for a healthy life.

Dental Checkups for Whole Health

Dental checkups with Dr. Mike Morris are the best way to prevent extensive tooth decay. In fact, cavities could get so bad that you need a dental crown over a large filling. Because if the nerve dies inside the tooth, root canal therapy will be necessary. With that being said, tooth decay and gum disease can be problematic for the rest of your body as well.

Oral and Overall Health

According to research, gum disease causes inflammation. Furthermore, that inflammation makes its way into your bloodstream because of plaque. Plaque is that sticky film of bacteria that you wake up with in the morning. In addition, people who don’t brush or floss regularly will have plaque and tartar all the time. 

While there is no single cause, scientists believe that the plaque and tartar attach to the walls of the blood vessels finally making their way to other vital organs in your body.

Regular Checkups for Good Health

Regular dental checkups prevent minor problems from getting worse. As a result,  everyone will feel much better, because the mouth really is the gateway to the rest of your body. Regular checkups keep your mouth healthy boosting the immune system. 

For more information regarding regular dental checkups in Burlington, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Morris and his team from Chittenden Dental today.


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