Great for Your Waist Not Great for your Teeth

It’s almost the end of the year with holiday parties in full swing. While you may be careful about watching what you put in your mouth because of your diet, are you as careful about what those foods can do to your teeth?

According to Burlington dentist Dr. Mike Morris, so-called healthy foods may be great for your waistline, but not so good for your teeth. Below is a list of foods that you may want to avoid this holiday season.


Starchy Goodies for Teeth

Your grandmother’s favorite Christmas cookies are probably just as bad for your waistline as they are for your oral health. Just like bread, chips, crackers and bagels, cookies are full of starch. Starch stays on your teeth and converts to acid and bacteria, which eats away at the enamel on your teeth.

Candy Canes and other Hard Candies

Your favorite treat is probably the worst for your teeth. Candy canes are loaded with sugar and cause problems. Firstly, sucking on one is like giving your teeth a bath in sugar. Secondly, if you bite hard enough you just may chip or even break a tooth. Butterscotch and other candies are just the same and are best left on the buffet table.

Citrus Fruits and Your Teeth

Citrus fruits are probably a good choice for your diet, but if you indulge too much are bad for oral health. Too much acid can result in cold sores while eating away at the enamel. If you must have a grapefruit or tangerine, enjoy it with a meal. If not, rinse with water after eating.

Sticky Candy and Dried Fruit

When it comes to the number on the scale, dried fruit is better than holiday candy. However, dried fruit is sticky and just like caramels and salt-water taffy, sticks to your molars. Sticky foods also get caught between teeth. Dr. Morris explains that if you are overzealous with your sticky candy and dried fruit, you could also damage a restoration.

This holiday season do your teeth a favor and steer clear of the foods above. Also, don’t forget to schedule your annual comprehensive dental examination with Chittenden Dental today.


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