Oral Health Ignoring it Makes Things Worse


If you follow the Chittenden Dental Blog, you will remember that there is a very strong connection between oral and overall health. Ignoring the connection could cause serious health issues for the rest of your life. The same can be said about your old dental restorations.

Ignoring anything is one of the worst things you can do, especially if it has to do with your overall or oral health.

Dental Restorations Won’t Last Forever

If the past year put your dental needs on hold, it’s time to call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental. Old restorations, especially silver amalgam ones can cause issues.

Chittenden Dental has said in the past that silver fillings contain mercury. Although the FDA and ADA deem it safe for use, leakage is an entirely different story. If an old filling should crack, break, you will have mercury leaking into your blood stream.

If you have a friend or family member that can’t stop bragging about his dental history and lack of new fillings because his old ones still do the job after 20 years, it’s time to schedule him or her a dental appointment in Burlington.

It’s Not Just Fillings

According to your Burlington dentist, fillings aren’t the only restorations that should be checked regularly.

If you have dental bridges, crowns or other types of dental restorations make sure they are checked every time you have a dental checkup. Regular restoration checkups keep bacteria and plaque from entering your bloodstream.

What if there are Oral Health Problems?

If you do have problems with old restorations, you and Dr. Morris will discuss your options. In some cases, you may need a completely new dental crown while in other cases a simple dental bonding job could do the trick.

The most important thing to remember is regular dental checkups. Without them chips, cracks and leaks will only get worse. That small broken acrylic filling is an easy fix if you take care of it right away.

The same goes for dental bridges. It’s imperative that your dental bridges and other oral appliances are inspected during your regular dental checkups, especially if something seems different. Like other restorations, dental bridges won’t last forever and need to be looked after with regular dental checkups.

Dental Checkups in Burlington for Oral Health

Don’t let your dental issues get worse. Call, text, or send a direct message to Chittenden Dental. It could mean the difference between a simple refill or a dental crown.

Call and schedule your dental appointment in Burlington today.




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