Smiling is Good for You and Your Soul

Smiling is great for everyone. In fact, your smile is the first thing a person notices when you step into a room.

Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental explains that a healthy and beautiful smile makes you attractive to others and is amazing for self-esteem.

A beautiful and healthy smile can also open doors as it makes you feel more confident and outgoing. However, those are not the only reasons to keep smiling.

Smiling really boosts your mood, but smiling also provides health benefits that include:

Better Endurance
Lower Blood Pressure
Pain Relief
Stress Relief
Better Immune System



Everyone can smile and whether you call it a smirk or grin, it really does feel good when you turn your frown upside down. Smiling does amazing things for your entire body and soul.

According to Dr. Morris, children smile more than adults do. In fact, studies indicate that kids smile about 400 times every day while a typical adult will only smile around 20 times each day. Happy people tend to smile around 50 times every day.


A Real Mood Booster

The first step for more smiles is to wake up with one. The minute you get out of bed put on a happy face. Remember, smiling is contagious so when you smile everyone around you will too.

World Smile Day is October first, and that is just a couple of months away. Start now and try some fun challenges that will keep you smiling. Try a post it note smile challenge. Write down the things that make you smile and stick the notes everywhere.

Smiling is Good for Everyone

If you are afraid to smile because you don’t like your teeth, call and schedule a dental checkup with Chittenden Dental in Burlington. Dr. Morris and his team will examine your teeth and gums offering suggestions and recommendations for your brand new smile.

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