Bioesthetic Dentistry and Dental Checkups

A healthy mouth starts with good oral habits. Those habits also include regular bioesthetic dentistry checkups.

Dental checkups keep your teeth free from decay and your gums safe from gingivitis. However, that isn’t all regular dental checkups can do for you and your overall and oral health.

Dentistry that Counts

Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental believes that your chewing system plays a massive role in oral health and he is not alone.

While bioesthetic dentistry is fairly new, forward thinking dentists in Burlington are trained to provide patients with this revolutionary type of dental care.

Bioesthetic Dentistry

Known as bioesthetic dentistry, Dr. Morris and his team examine your chewing system to get to the bottom of any dental problem or problems that you might be having.

For instance, if you are a chronic tooth clencher or grinder, an examination of your chewing system will determine the cause. Furthermore, diagnosing the cause helps prevent additional tooth and gum damage.

Your Masticatory System

Your mouth has a chewing system. This chewing system is known as your masticatory system. Its primary functions are chewing, swallowing and of course talking.

As you can imagine your masticatory system involves tissue, bone and muscle. Because Dr. Morris understands bioesthetic dentistry, he is able to correct the issues while preventing more damage in the future.

It’s also important to note that general dentistry looks at the mouth and a way to fix the problem quickly. For example, if you have a cavity or cavities, those will be filled.

In other words, Chittenden Dental looks for a long term solution and a way to solve the problem.

If you are constantly dealing with cavities on the same side it could have something to do with your bite or your temporomandibular joint.

Dr. Morris and his team will take x-rays after a thorough examination of your chewing system. Once a diagnosis has been made solutions to your issues will be recommended.

Chittenden Dental Bioesthetic Dentistry

Just like everything in life getting to the root of the problem makes sense and that is what bioesthetic dentistry is all about.

Knowing that your TMJ or bite is affecting the way your teeth come together is a gift, especially for people who have been dealing with chronic jaw pain for years.

Burlington Dentist to the Rescue

Stop treating the issue and get to the root of the problem with bioesthetic dentistry. Call or send a direct message and schedule your appointment with Chittenden Dental today.



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