Bioesthetic Dentistry for Healthy Restorations

If your dentist isn’t considering the health of your chewing system: it’s time to consider bioesthetic dentistry. A bioesthetic dentist in Burlington looks at everything comprehensively before offering any type of solution.

For instance, if you are seriously thinking about veneers for your front teeth: Chittenden Dental will make sure that your jaw joints, airway and bite are up for the challenge.

The same goes for dental crowns, bridges and other type of restorations. Whether you want to pursue them for cosmetic reasons or otherwise.

Cosmetic and Bioesthetic Dentistry

Your bite and jaw joints need to be working properly, in harmony. If they aren’t, then its not likely that your beautiful veneers will last more than a year.

Regardless of what a “cosmetic dentist” tells you, restorations must have a solid foundation. A solid foundation consists of a sound chewing system.

If you follow the Chittenden Dental blog, you’l know how important the chewing system is for any type of restorative work.

It’s as simple as this: in any type of healthcare, diagnosis is key and should be established before any treatment is recommended.

You wouldn’t want to take medication for high blood pressure unless it measured, tested and proven that you need to take them!  Moreover, you shouldn’t have any dental work until a well trained, bioesthetic dentist such as Dr. Mike Morris has diagnosed the condition of your jaw joints, airway and bite.

Cosmetic and Other Solutions

If your bite isn’t good or if your temporomandibular joints are out of alignment: your other teeth will not sit right. Even something as simple as one single filling could throw off your bite.

This means clenching and grinding, pain, or even worse. Grinding is especially hard on teeth, jaw joints and your head & neck. You can only imagine what a few months of tooth grinding will do to your new porcelain veneers.

To avoid complications, Dr. Morris will complete a thorough examination of your entire chewing system using 3D (CBCT) imaging.

This means checking out your muscles, nerves, jaw joints, airway, bones and posture.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Burlington

Bioesthetic dentistry in Burlington is really the only way to assure a safe cosmetic dentistry journey. When the process isn’t rushed, you know that you are getting the best advice even if you are anxious to jump right in head first.

A complete smile makeover must be built on a solid foundation as should all solutions.  If you want to do it right, do it correctly the first time as you only want it done once!

As previously mentioned, even simple fillings should be well thought out and planned with a thorough bioesthetic dentistry examination in Burlington.

Schedule Your Bioesthetic Dentistry Appointment

You really can have healthy restorations. All you have to do is make an appointment and the rest is easy. Schedule your consultation for bioesthetic dentistry in Burlington today.


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