Bioesthetic Dentistry Makes a Difference

Creating a new smile is easy when you work with a dentist who understands bioesthetic dentistry. Dr. Mike Morris is that dentist and will make sure that your chewing system is in working order before proceeding with any type of dental work.

Whether you are having a minor procedure such as a dental crown or going for something like dental implants and a complete smile makeover: it is essential that you consult with a bioesthetic dentist.

Why Bioesthetic Dentistry Matters

If you follow the Chittenden Dental blog you will recall that your chewing system is vital when it comes to the health of your entire body, way beyond your teeth and gums.

For instance, if your temporomandibular joints are not working as they are supposed to it will affect the way your airway (breathing space). The same can be said about a cross bite, under bite or over bite. Misaligned teeth are signs of a greater problem and can be a sign of problems with sleep, posture and other global issues with your body.

Put simply, having a bioesthetic dentist in Burlington means you will have the right foundation when it comes to dental restorations and the way your natural teeth function.

Cosmetics and Bioesthetics

Everything needs a solid foundation, even your teeth and gums. Think of it this way, even the best dental technology will fail if your jaw or bite is out of alignment.  If your teeth failed, why wouldn’t a dental restoration fail?  Get to the root of the problem with bioesthetic dentistry!

Bioesthetic dentist Dr. Mike Morris explains that teeth are just one part of the equation. Your chewing system is integrated and unique in relation to the ligaments, nerves, bones and muscles that surround it.  It goes past your teeth and gums and a thorough exam includes your jaw joints and airway.

Bioesthetic Dentistry and a Solid Foundation

Bioesthetic dentistry is build on the foundation of studying healthy people.  These people are born with a healthy and functioning chewing system and experience little, if any tooth wear, gum disease or head and neck pain. Their sleep is normal and restorative: They truly are the lucky ones.  With bioesthetic dentistry, you don’t have to be born this way to have the same outcome!

Bioesthetic dentistry is in contrast to conventional dentistry. Conventional dentists tend to skip over the chewing system examination jumping right in to teeth only.

All too often conventional dentists want to replace, repair and fix teeth without knowing what caused the problems in the first place!

Chittenden Dental for Long Lasting Dental Care

Bioesthetic dentistry gets to the root of the problem sustaining oral health. This means your restorations and natural teeth will last as long as they are meant to with a healthy foundation.

When it comes to dental care, you want a doctor who understands the entire chewing system. You don’t want a dentist in Burlington who is quick to repair without understanding the underlying consequences. Diagnosis and a complete and thorough understanding of WHY you ended up needing work in the first place is key prior to starting any treatment.

For the best in dental care you can’t go past Chittenden Dental. Schedule an appointment and find out why patients can’t get enough of this bioesthetic dentist.

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