DIY Dentistry Is Not a Good Thing

There are some things in life, such as DIY dentistry, that should never be left in anyone else’s hands. A professional is the only one to trust when it comes to changing your smile.

While DIY is all well and good if you are redoing your kitchen cabinets, redesigning your smile with products that are prescription only is a recipe for you know what.

DIY Dentistry Costs More Than You Think

These days it seems as if everything and anything is available online. From tooth straightening aligners to professional teeth whitening, dental crowns and dental bonding all of these DIY dentistry solutions for chipped, cracked and stained teeth should never be attempted at home.

Just like the disclaimers you see at the end of dare devil videos, there should be one on all DIY dentistry products.

As a bioesthetic and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mike Morris understands the problems that come with DIY dentistry. Clear removable braces that are available online can actually cause permanent jaw (TMJ). They can also cause tooth damage if not monitored closely by any professionals.

The main reason is aligners can cause movement of the jaw into an unfavorable position. This will cause harm to your jaw joints and other aspects of your chewing system. If you aren’t a patient of Chittenden Dental and if you are not proceeding with regular aligner checkups to see how you are doing: you could be asking for trouble. Dr. Mike Morris

Invisalign® Not DIY

Invisalign® is the best alternative to conventional braces and the gold standard when it comes to removable clear plastic aligners.

With Invisalign® your teeth, gums and entire chewing system are examined to determine if this type of tooth straightening system is safe for you.

Although many people see incredible results with Invisalign® there are those that would be better treated with other options, such as wires and brackets.   There are even new systems that use brackets on the inside (tongue side) so that others don’t even know you have braces!

The only way to know for sure is with a professional dental consultation. During your examination in Burlington, Dr. Morris will make sure that your jaw joints and bite are in good health. This will help him choose the best orthodontic option for you.

Jaw and Bone Health

If you follow the Chittenden Dental Blog you will know how important bone and jaw health. It is especially important when it comes to any type of restorative or cosmetic dentistry.

Just Say No to DIY Dentistry

DIY dentistry shouldn’t be left to anyone, as dentistry should always be managed by a real dentist. If you are tempted, don’t be, and schedule an appointment with Chittenden Dental for professional advice. It will end up costing more time and money in the long ru and can cause permanent harm.

It really is the only way to guarantee a safe, effective and healthy cosmetic dentistry experience. Send a direct message and schedule your appointment today.




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