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Essential Pediatric Dental Care Tips

Pediatric dental care and regular dental appointments are just as important as your kid’s annual physical.

Without regular checkups, tooth decay and gum disease leads to cavities and bleeding gums.


Although they are baby teeth, they still need a strong foundation and that’s where pediatric dental care comes in.

Don’t forget to schedule regular professional teeth cleanings if your kids are old enough. Dr. Mike Morris will know when you child is ready for his or her first professional teeth cleaning.

During a pediatric dental care cleaning your dentist in Burlington will remove any plaque or tartar. Gum disease and tooth decay will occur if tartar and plaque is not removed.

Pediatric Dental Care and Appointments for Your Kids

During your child’s dental appointment is the time to ask your Burlington dentist any questions. If you have issues with brushing or flossing, ask Dr. Morris to give you and your kids a lesson. You’re never too old to learn if you are brushing the right or wrong way.

Children follow by example following these Pediatric Dental Care Tips will help:

  • Use a small amount of toothpaste, the size of a pea, on your brush
  • Angle at 45 degrees from the gums
  • Move back and forth gently using short strokes along your teeth and your gums
  • Continue moving your toothbrush along all surfaces of your teeth on both the inside and the outside
  • Tip the brush upright to reach along your bottom and top jaw and don’t forget to brush behind the fronts of your teeth

Flossing is Essential for the Whole Family

Flossing is a habit that needs to be practiced every day. If you don’t floss, your kids won’t either. Ask your dentist in Burlington how to properly floss your kid’s teeth and your own teeth at the same time. Flossing regularly prevents tooth decay and gum disease and essential when it comes to pediatric dental care.

Eat Diets that are Good for your Teeth

What you eat, and what your kids eat, affects teeth and gums and overall oral health. Studies show that there is a connection between your mouth and the rest of your body. Keep you and your kids away from sugary and sticky foods and stay away from starchy chips and breads. These types of foods will stick to your teeth and become food for bacteria.

Give your family lots of foods that lower your ph levels and neutralize the acid helping prevent cavities. Dairy foods provide calcium for healthy bones and teeth. Add lots of veggies to mealtimes, and don’t forget the greens, as they are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

For more pediatric dental care tips or to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Burlington, call or click and talk to Chittenden Dental today.


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