Tooth Whitening is it Safe for Everyone?

Tooth whitening may be the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure on the planet, but is it safe? Everything in moderation is usually a good thing, but when it comes to tooth whitening, there are some things to consider before you head to your local pharmacy.

Professional tooth whitening is a safer option than those over the counter gels, pastes, strips, and mouth rinses. However, even professional teeth whitening can cause problems, especially if you are using take home trays and gels.

Without supervision, you may be tempted to use more often than you should. This could cause problems for your teeth and gums. Make sure to consult your dentist for the correct instructions for professional teeth whitening.

Why is Too Much Tooth Whitening Bad?

Sensitive teeth, translucent teeth and even missing teeth can be a complication from using too much tooth-whitening product. If you are using an over the counter product don’t’ be tempted to use more than is recommended. Never use over an extended period, and talk to  Chittenden Dental if you notice any problems from teeth whitening products.

Why is Professional Tooth Whitening Better?

Professional tooth whitening is a better option because your dentist in Burlington controls it. Dr. Morris and his team, whether using an in office teeth whitening system or a take home system will monitor your results to ensure teeth and gum safety.

Keep in mind that non-prescription teeth whitening products from your local pharmacy are not as strong and will not give you the results that you had hoped for.

A Dental Consultation for Tooth Whitening

Any type of whitening procedure requires a dental consultation to ensure you are doing the best for your teeth and gums. Call Chittenden Dental for a checkup and appointment. You will have dazzling results and a brighter smile with professional teeth whitening.

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