A Dentist in Burlington with a Parking Lot~Really!

If your dentist in Burlington doesn’t have free parking, you need to look for a Burlington Dentist that does. Chittenden Dental has a big parking lot that is free for patients.

Dr. Mike Morris and his Burlington Dental team welcome new patients who are tired of driving around searching for a parking space. With free parking, you will have plenty of time to sit and relax before you get settled into the dental chair.

A Dentist in Burlington you Can Trust

Every patient who becomes part of the Chittenden Dental family is cared for in a comfortable and safe environment. Any fear of the dentist is alleviated when you schedule an appointment with Dr. Morris and his team in Burlington. By listening to the patients needs and working together, you will have a smile that is esthetically pleasing and healthy as well.

Never Fear your Dentist in Burlington

Even patients who have a more severe form of dental fear, known as dental phobia, feel relaxed with Dr. Morris. From deep cleanings and root canals to more invasive procedures such as dental implants and dentures, Chittenden Dental makes sure that you are relaxed. You will be ready for any treatment using oral sedation or inhaled minimal sedation.

Your needs will be discussed before treatment to determine what type of sedation you will require. In most cases, you will need someone to drive you home. Your Dentist in Burlington has a big parking lot where your friend can park the car and wait. They can wait inside or outside while you see Dr. Morris.

Your Dentist in Burlington Has Everything You Need

With 21st century dental treatments that are more affordable than you think Chittenden Dental is the only dentist to consider.

Stop driving around town looking for a place to park and schedule an appointment with Chittenden Dental. Although you have nothing to worry about, it’s nice to know you’ll have a place to park.

Call and schedule your dental checkup with your Dentist in Burlington today.


Our purpose is to listen to our patients, so together, we can achieve ideal outcomes. We will provide care in a comfortable environment, which supports lifelong friendships.

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