A Comprehensive Dental Examination for Good Health

A comprehensive dental examination is probably the one thing most people need now, and if you haven’t been to your dentist in Burlington, it’s time to schedule a dental appointment with Chittenden Dental.

comprehensive_dental_examination_BurlingtonAccording to your dentist Dr. Mike Morris, during a comprehensive dental examination underlying health conditions may come to the surface. Patients with patches on their tongue, mouth sores that will not heal or any other mouth abnormalities have a better chance of beating the problem if they have regular dental checkups.

What is a Comprehensive Dental Examination?

When you schedule a comprehensive examination with Chittenden Dental, your teeth and gums are thoroughly examined checking for any problems. Dr. Morris will check for tooth decay and gum disease before examining your tongue, cheeks, and the roof of your mouth. If anything is detected, your dentist in Burlington will recommend a biopsy that will be sent to the lab for further identification.

During your examination, a dental hygienist from Chittenden Dental will thoroughly clean your teeth before polishing to perfection.

Why You Should Have Regular Dental Examinations

Dental examinations are important. Not only do they prevent cavities and tooth decay, but they can also diagnose any underlying conditions. Sometimes a dentist becomes more aware of an issue than a doctor does.

Regular dental checkups also help prevent dental problems from becoming worse. Toothaches and bleeding gums will not go away by themselves. Twice yearly dental checkups reveal tooth decay and gum disease in its earliest stages preventing more costly and invasive treatments such as root canal therapy and root planing and scaling.

Dental Checkups Could Keep You Healthy

Dental examinations keep your mouth healthy, but they also keep you and Dr. Morris aware of any other issues that may be occurring.

If you haven’t seen your dentist in Lynchburg for a while, call and schedule a comprehensive dental examination with Dr. Morris today.


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