A Smile Keeps the Doctor Away

A smile a Day, well, you know the rest. According to Chittenden Dental in Burlington a happy face does wonders for oral and overall health and says everything about you.

When you pull up the corners of your mouth you are boosting those feel good receptors in your brain.

Called endorphins they get a boost when you grin. However, those aren’t the only reasons to put on a smiley face every chance you get.

Below are some additional reasons to sport a grin:

Smiling Helps You Stay Upbeat and Positive

Smiling keeps that glass half full attitude that can sometimes be difficult to maintain. When you grin you are sending yourself a message. Smiling makes you more confident as well. This helps reduce stress and depression. It also helps you worry less.

A Smile Improves Your Mood

The next time you feel a little down lift up the corners of your mouth. When you do you will find yourself in a better mood. Even if it isn’t genuine a smile can help improve your current outlook on life. So put on a happy face, even if it isn’t so real.

Smiling Makes You Beautiful

People are naturally drawn to others that smile. People who smile are seen as happy and healthy. Others want to figure out and understand what makes them that way. Frowns and sad faces tend to do the exact opposite pushing people away.

Smiling is a Stress Reliever

If you are stressed look in the mirror as it shows up on your face and makes you look tired, overwhelmed, run down, and sometimes angry. If you feel anxious or stressed take a moment and try smiling. You’ll notice a difference right away.

One Smile Makes Others Smile and is Contagious

Smiling really does light up the room and is contagious. It also gets others to smile back. When you smile you will find that people are automatically drawn to you. Smiling brings joy and happiness to you and everyone around you.

Smiling is an Immune Systems Booster

If your immune system isn’t doing its job try smiling. When you turn up the corners of your mouth you are helping prevent colds and flu. Try it and see how good you feel. Chances are you won’t be as sick as you usually are.

Smiling Helps Lower Blood Pressure

If you are on the higher end of the scale when it comes to blood pressure try laughing or smiling. When you do you will notice a difference. Sit and take a BP reading without smiling, put on a grin and try it again. You will most likely see a lower result after the second test.

A Smile is Healthy

If your teeth and gums aren’t giving you reason to smile, call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Chittenden Dental today.



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