Custom Made Mouthguards Because They Work

Custom made mouthguards are the best way to keep you and your family protected. April is National Facial Awareness month and that means more hours outdoors and more time playing sports.


Keeping your head, face and mouth protected, is essential. You wouldn’t go on a mountain bike ride without a helmet, so why would you neglect a mouthguard?

Types of Mouthguards Available

According to your dentist in Burlington, there are three types of mouth protectors available. Standard, Boil and Bite and Custom Made

Standard mouth protectors

A one-size fits all solution really isn’t the best idea. Standard mouth protectors are inexpensive and available at your sports store or local pharmacy. Because these types of mouth protectors are bulky, they are uncomfortable making it difficult to talk and even breathe. Nine times out of ten standard mouth protectors stay off the playing field and in the locker room because they are so cumbersome.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

These types of mouthguards are one-step above standard mouth protectors as you put them in warm water before placing in your mouth. When you bite down this creates an impression giving you a better fit. Although a bit more comfortable than the standard variety, boil, and bite mouth protectors are not as comfortable as the third option on the list.

Custom Made Mouthguards

Fashioned by Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental, custom made mouth guards fit you and only you. Once an impression has been made, your new custom made mouthguard will be manufactured and ready to wear. Made from safe and pliable dental plastic, a custom-made mouth protector gives you the protection you need. Best of all, it is actually comfortable to wear.

Stay Protected with Custom Made Mouthguards

According to your Burlington dentist, a huge percentage of mouth injuries could have been avoided with a custom-made mouthguard. Although they are a bit more expensive than standard or boil and bite mouthguards, they aren’t as costly as a trip to the ER.

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