Custom Made Mouthguards for Protection

Spring is almost here and that means entire families will be spending more time in the great outdoors. From barbeques and picnics to indoor and outdoor sports, it’s important to be ready, especially when it comes to protecting teeth and gums with custom made mouthguards.

Next month is National Mouth Protection Month with organizations such as the American Dental Association promoting this annual event to heighten awareness. Millions of mouth injuries, including knocked out teeth, are easily avoided if proper care is taken on the playing field.

Mouthguards for All Sports

According to Dr. Mike Morris, everyone who participates in active sports should wear a mouthguard. Racquetball players, skateboarders, and even surfers have saved themselves thousands of hours in the dentist’s chair because they wore a custom-made mouth protector.

Why Mouthguards Work

Because mouthguards protect players from blows to the head and other mouth injuries, lost and misplaced teeth are less common after an accident. Most parents have had to head to the ER because their son or daughter didn’t wear his or her mouth protector.

Types of Custom Made Mouthguards

According to your dentist in Burlington, there are three types of mouth protectors, standard, boil and bite and custom made. While all of these mouthguards provide protection, some are better than others are.

Standard Mouth Protectors

These one size fits all mouthguards are available online, at your local sports store and big box stores. While readily available, they don’t fit properly. People on the playing field often complain of difficulty breathing. It’s also nearly impossible to make out what anyone is saying either.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Boil and bite mouth protectors are just what they say they are. While they are somewhat custom made, the user puts the mouthguard in hot water before placing in his or her mouth to make a mold, they are still uncomfortable.

People often complain and end up leaving the boil and bite mouthguard in the sports bag or locker.

Custom Made Mouthguards

The Cadillac of mouth protectors, custom made mouthguards are all that and more. Chittenden Dental explains that these types of mouth protectors offer the utmost protection, are comfortable and thin enough to tolerate. People who wear custom made mouthguards often forget they are wearing one.

Does Everyone Need a Custom Made Mouthguard?

Your dentist in Burlington believes that everyone who plays sports should consider a custom-made mouthguard. Both group and individual sports participants save time, money, and trips to the ER because of custom made mouth protectors.

Custom Made Mouthguards in Burlington

If you would like to learn more about custom made mouth protectors, call and schedule an appointment with Chittenden Dental today.


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