Dental Implants for Missing Teeth Change Lives

Dental implants are the best replacement for missing teeth. With the look and feel of natural teeth dental implants act as natural tooth roots stimulating growth just like a real tooth would. Consequently, dental implants are like real teeth.

Chittenden Dental explains that osseointegration is the scientific term for bone fusion. In other words, it happens when the bone fuses with biocompatible dental materials. This could be anything from titanium to biocompatible plastics and glass particles and also for people with metal allergies.

Are Dental Implants Realistic for Everyone?

While there are some exceptions to the rule, most people qualify for dental implants. Firstly, because there are so many different types of implants. Secondly, because of bone grafting more and more people are opting for dental implants instead of dental bridges, dentures, and partial dentures.

Types of Dental Implants

Single Stage Dental Implants

Single stage implants usually require one surgery for installation. The surgery involves placing a longer dental implant directly into the jaw so it lies on your jawbone and the top of the implant even with your gum tissue.

Once the implant is implanted, your gum tissue closes with only the top of the implant in sight. After the healing, which could take from three to 6 months, the artificial tooth is attached without a second implant surgery.

Two Stage Dental Implants

You will need two dental surgeries for two stage implants. The first involves implant placement into your jawbone sealing the gums with stitches. After healing, which could take up to 6 months or more; a second operation is performed to expose the implant to allow for dental implant abutment and restoration placement.

Implants for Everyone

Single Dental Implants

Used instead of dental bridges, single posts or screws are surgically placed in or on the jawbone as described above. After the area has healed, an artificial tooth that is matched to the rest of your smile is placed on top giving you a brand new tooth that is just as strong, if not stronger, than your natural tooth.

Dr. Mike Morris explains that single dental implants are an excellent replacement for dental bridges or a single tooth denture. Best of all, they are healthier for your other teeth as well.

Multiple Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Multiple Dental implants could mean two, three, or four posts surgically implanted into your jaw on or your jawbone. Just like single dental implants, multiple dental implants are matched to the color of your teeth and work just as your old teeth did.

In addition, multiple dental implants are perfect for people who are missing a few teeth but still have some of their natural ones.

As a result, these types of dental implants can last for life unlike dentures and bridges, which will eventually need to be replaced.

Missing Teeth and All on 4’s Dental Implants

Without a doubt, one of the latest technologies to evolve in the world of dentistry is same day implants such as All on 4s. These remarkable tooth replacements require four posts or screws on each arch.

The screws are placed on the same day as the surgery with a denture like plate attached to the top. This type of missing tooth replacement is excellent for denture wearers and for people who are missing all or most of their teeth.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in Burlington

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