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One of the best ways to give your smile a boost is with tooth colored fillings. Fillings matched to the rest of the natural tooth are pleasing to the eye. These types of fillings are also more conservative.

What are Tooth Colored Fillings?

According to Chittenden Dental, made from composite dental resin and other materials these types of fillings are aesthetic, durable, and strong. In fact, tooth colored fillings will last for a decade. However, you must brush and floss and schedule regular checkups with your dentist in Burlington.

Less Removal of the Natural Tooth

Silver amalgam fillings require more removal of the natural tooth than natural looking fillings do. This makes them much more conservative than metal fillings.

Because the silver amalgam filling needs to fit the cavity the tooth may need to be compromised. This means more filing and drilling so it fits. With that being said, amalgam fillings also have a propensity to leak, chip or crack, especially if they are older.

The Difference between Metal and Composite Fillings

Dr. Mike Morris explains that while the aesthetic difference is obvious, there are other advantages that make these types of restorations a good solution for cavities.

1. Natural Looking Fillings are Metal Free

People who have allergies to metal love tooth colored fillings as do people who don’t want to risk mercury exposure. Because there is no metal in natural looking restorations patients do not have to worry about allergies or exposure to toxic chemicals.

2. Tooth Colored Fillings Look More Natural

Because your tooth colored fillings are matched to the rest of the tooth, they blend in with the rest of your smile. This means that even if you have a mouth full of cavities, no one will be the wiser as the restorations are matched to the rest of your teeth. With so many colors available, your fillings will look more natural than ever.

3. Better Tooth Structure

Because metal fillings need wedges cut into each tooth for support, the structure is compromised. Composite fillings don’t need extra support from wedges that are cut into the tooth. More of the natural tooth remains intact with these types of restorations. This means you will have less chance of a dental crown in the future.

4. Strong and Durable

Because natural looking fillings are made from strong and durable dental resin and other materials, you can expect them to last for around 10 years or more. If you brush twice and floss once a day, eat a healthy diet and see your dentist regularly they can last even longer.

If you would like to learn more about tooth colored fillings in Burlington, call and schedule an appointment with Chittenden Dental today.


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