Is Chronic Halitosis Ruining Your Life?

If your breath is turning heads, it could be more serious than you think. According to Chittenden Dental, chronic bad breath or halitosis could be an indication of a more serious oral or overall health problem.

What is Chronic Halitosis?

Chronic halitosis isn’t the occasional bout of bad breath after consuming a big bowl of French Onion Soup. Chronic bad breath means that nothing you can do will alter the odor. In other words, no breath mint or mouthwash is going to fix the problem. Your dentist in Burlington explains that it could a bad tooth or a sign of disease.

What Causes Chronic Halitosis?

Without a thorough dental examination with Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental, it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause, but below are a few things that could be causing your bad breath.

Dental Problems and Chronic Halitosis

Gum disease is notorious for bad breath as the pockets that develop between the teeth and gums are filled with smelly bacteria. If you don’t brush and floss properly, plaque will develop eventually converting into tartar. Cavities are another problem when it comes to bad breath. If you have a hole in your tooth bacteria and plaque can easily hide causing bad breath.

Chronic Bad Breath and Mouth Infections

If you have recurring sinus infections, throat issues or post nasal drip it could be contributing to your chronic halitosis. Sneezing and sniffling could be just the tip of the iceberg if you have mouth infections and bad breath.

Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

Certain medications and health issues cause dry mouth. Dry mouth means your salivary glands aren’t doing what they are supposed to do. Saliva breaks down food particles and helps prevent infections. Dry mouth is also notorious for chronic bad breath. If you are on medication, ask your doctor if he can switch it to something that is more mouth friendly.

Tobacco Use Causes Chronic Halitosis

All tobacco products will make your breath smell. Chewing and smoking tobacco causes dry mouth. People who smoke and chew tobacco are also more likely to develop gum disease leading to halitosis. Tobacco also causes cancer.

Acid reflux, kidney or liver disease or gastric problems could also be contributing to your bad breath.

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