Chittenden Dental For Teeth and Gum Troubles

Dr. Mike Morris is dedicated to your smile. Because whether you have stained or yellowed teeth, chipped or crooked teeth you won’t find a more caring dentist in Burlington. Consequently, you won’t be disappointed.

In addition, if you suffer from bleeding gums, have a fear of the dentist, or are ignoring a toothache, you won’t find a better provider.

Chittenden Dental For Oral Health

Chittenden Dental is ready to boost your self-esteem and lift the corners of your mouth. Even if you are just having your teeth professionally cleaned. Dr. Morris explains that regular dental checkups help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and really do help keep your teeth beautiful.

During your comprehensive dental examination, your dentist in Burlington will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums looking for any signs that signal further investigation.

Comprehensive dental exams also include cancer screenings in order to check for anything serious. Dr. Morris and his team will check your tongue, the back of your throat, your cheeks, and your tongue for anything that looks suspicious. If there are lesions, growths or discolored patches a biopsy may be recommended.

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Continued education is essential regardless of the industry, but especially for dentists. Dental technology is continually changing with patients demanding 21st century technology.

By the same token, Chittenden Dental is up to the task providing you and your family with best dental technologies on the planet. From porcelain veneers to cosmetic dental bonding, your new smile is waiting.

A Dental Checkup with Chittenden Dental

If you are considering cosmetic changes to your smile, a full dental checkup is essential. Dr. Morris and the team are happy to discuss any treatments that you are considering.

For more information regarding comprehensive dental checkupscall and talk to a team member from Chittenden Dental today.


Our purpose is to listen to our patients, so together, we can achieve ideal outcomes. We will provide care in a comfortable environment, which supports lifelong friendships.

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