Is Your Chewing System to Blame?

When it comes to bioesthetic dentistry Chittenden Dental is the only dental practice in Burlington to consider. Bioesthetic dentistry is more than an examination of your teeth and gums and takes into account your chewing system.

A bio-esthetic dentist understands the relationship between the chewing system and your teeth and gums. In other words the way your jaws come together will affect the wear on your teeth and gums.

Bio-esthetic Dentist to the Rescue

Chittenden Dental explains that restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures could be problematic for those with temporomandibular joint disorder and anyone with a cross, over or under bite.

If you have always wondered why your porcelain veneers never last as long as they should it probably has something to do with your TMJ or bite.

Your Chewing System and TMJ

In a perfect world your teeth would come together and your jaw joints would align as they should but according to Dr. Mike Morris that rarely happens.

For some, TMJD is an issue because of a blow to the head while others may have bite problems because they were born that way.

Bioesthetic dentistry gets to the root of the issue treating the cause not the symptom helping your entire chewing system.

Treatment for TMJD and Bite Issues

The best way to determine if your bite or TMJ isn’t functioning properly is to schedule an examination of your chewing system with your bioesthetic dentist in Burlington.

Dr. Morris has the skills and education to determine if your grinding and clenching has something to do with your TMJ, your bite or both.

Once Chittenden Dental comes to a diagnosis, treatment comes next. Depending on the severity of your problem oral appliance therapy could be just what your dentist in Burlington ordered.

Oral Appliance Therapy in Burlington

Dr. Morris will determine what type of orthotic device is best by examining your chewing system, taking digital pictures and x-rays. This tells the doctor where your problems stem from.

Types of orthotic devices that your Burlington bioesthetic dentist may recommend include mouthguards, splints and custom made orthotic devices that you wear full time.

Dr. Morris and his team have designed such a device that gives marvelous results for people with jaw and bite issues.

Schedule an Exam of your Chewing System

If you clench or grind your teeth, have problems with your jaw joints or have been told you have a temporomandibular joint disorder you don’t have to suffer.

Dr. Mike Morris has the tools and the team to get your chewing system back to health. Call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with Chittenden Dental today.





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