Tooth Decay Can Survive Under Fillings

If you are proud of your 15-year-old silver amalgam fillings, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your Burlington Dentist as you could be dealing with tooth decay.


Although you may not be in pain or notice anything, there could be something lurking under your old fillings. That something is called tooth decay. Consequently, you’ll need to see your dentist.

Filled Teeth can Still Become Decayed

According to Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental, teeth that are filled can still become decayed, especially if you have leaky or cracked fillings. Cavities and decay can occur anywhere, even under or around your old fillings. What’s worse is that debris and bacteria will find their way in creating more dental caries.

Because it is impossible to brush under your dental restorations, tooth-damaging acids will eat away at the healthy part of the restored tooth. Dr. Morris and his team recommend that you have your fillings checked at every dental appointment. That way your damaged fillings can be removed, repaired or replaced.

How are Cavities Under Fillings Detected?

Chittenden Dental explains that Dr. Morris will look for discoloration in your teeth and around fillings. Those discolored spots could mean tooth decay. Dr. Morris will also use special instruments to check for enamel hardness. Enamel that is soft usually indicates decay in the tooth. X-rays will also be taken along with a dye that is used to detect tooth decay. An addition, Dr. Morris may also use laser fluorescence to find new decay under old fillings.

The Danger of Missed Cavities

A dental checkup is the only way to determine if you are dealing with additional tooth decay in your restorations. Furthermore, by the time you start feeling pain, the damage is usually extensive requiring root canal therapy. If left too long, tooth decay could cause tooth loss.

If you haven’t had a checkup in awhile and have older restorations, do yourself a favor and call Dr. Mike Morris from Chittenden Dental. You’ll look and feel better.

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