Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

What you put in your mouth plays a huge role in the health of your smile. According to your dentist in Burlington, Dr. Mike Morris, some foods, even so called healthy foods, should be eliminated from your diet because they can cause problems for your teeth.

Starchy Foods Cause Problems for Healthy Teeth

Anything that contains starch will get stuck between your teeth and stay on the crevices at the back of your teeth.


Consequently, starchy foods are not good for healthy teeth, and will break down into sugar when consumed. Bread, potato chips, pretzels, and even pasta will stick to your teeth. If you must indulge rinse after you enjoy, or brush your teeth.

Healthy Teeth Don’t Need Citrus Fruits and Juices

Who doesn’t love a big juicy orange or grapefruit? Unfortunately, too much citrus will cause problems for your teeth. Frequent exposure to lemons, limes, oranges, and even tomatoes will erode the enamel on your teeth. Even squeezing a lemon or lime into your water can cause problems. If you like citrus fruits, be sure to rinse with water after consuming.

Energy and Sports Drinks

Everyone knows the dangers of soda, including diet soda, but energy and sports drinks are also bad for your teeth. Your Burlington dentist explains that both are loaded with sugar, which can lead to tooth decay. The carbonation doesn’t help either as it attacks the enamel on your teeth. Sip water instead and never use a straw if you do drink soda as it is like bathing your teeth in sugar.

Sticky Foods are Not Foods for Healthy Teeth

Chewy candy like caramels and salt-water taffy are bad for your teeth, but dried fruit can be just as sticky and just as problematic. Because sticky foods stay on your teeth longer than other foods, they can cause damage. Sticky foods can also cause problems for restorations and dental work as well. If you like dried fruit, rinse with water, brush and floss.

If you would like more information regarding healthy foods for healthy teeth and gums, call and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Burlington.

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