A Regular Dental Checkup Prevents Periodontal Disease

A beautiful and healthy smile is easy when you schedule regular dental checkups with your Burlington dentist. A dental checkup twice a year along with other good oral hygiene habits assure you of a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Oral and Overall Health and a Dental Checkup

explains that excellent oral hygiene usually means excellent oral health. If you follow the Chittenden Dental Blog, you’ll know that there is a connection between oral and overall health making good oral hygiene imperative, especially if you don’t want to end up with a systemic disease as a direct result of periodontitis.

Experts seem to agree that gum disease is a result of inflammation. Your mouth is full of friendly bacteria, but there is also bad bacteria lurking behind the scenes.

Being slack about brushing and flossing could get the bad guys out in force overtaking the good bacteria. If that happens gingivitis is sure to follow. If left untreated, gingivitis could advance to periodontal disease.

What is Gum Disease?

According to your Burlington family dentist, there are two types of gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the lesser of the two evils and is curable if treated when diagnosed.

Periodontal disease or periodontitis is not curable. While it can be controlled, the person suffering will always be susceptible to advanced gum disease complications.

Preventing Gum Disease 

Your best defense against gingivitis and the more serious periodontal disease is to brush at least twice a day. If you feel the need to brush after a particularly grueling meal, such as a plate of ribs, brush your teeth. Just be sure to use a soft bristle brush.

Brush for two minutes and brush your tongue as well. Get the backs of your teeth and pay close attention to your molars. It’s important to keep an eye on your toothbrush as well. On average, you will need a new one every two or three months. Just be sure to check it out when you use it to make sure it isn’t fraying.

Electric and mechanical toothbrushes are also excellent as are water picks for good oral hygiene. Ask the team from Chittenden Dental what brands they recommend for patients.

A Diet Rich in Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals help build strong bodies and teeth. Eating fruits and veggies and a high protein diet with minimal starches will keep you a step ahead of tooth decay and gum disease.

Dairy products are great for teeth. Eat a diet rich in cheese, milk and plain yogurt for teeth and bone building.

Schedule a Dental Checkup Twice a Year

Chittenden Dental cannot stress the importance of regular dental checkups. On average, you should see your dentist at least twice a year, more so if you are susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay.

Staying current with toothaches and bleeding gums will make treatment less intrusive. Furthermore, it will prevent costly and less conservative procedures such as root canal therapy and dental crowns.

If you would like to learn more about good oral hygiene habits, call, text or book an appointment online for a dental checkup in Burlington.

Keeping up with good oral hygiene is essential for overall health. Call and schedule a dental checkup with Chittenden Dental today.


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